February 1, 2017

I am very fortunate to get to work with a lot of junior players in the area. It is a lot of fun to see them start the game and eventually grow up to become real players! It makes getting older a little easier… I really love trying to help mold and grow a young golfer to where they can really understand the game and how it is supposed to be played to reach a high level. However, it is somewhat of a slow process to reach the elite level (ask me about my program). I would love to tell students and parents that I can make your kid break 70 in a week but golf is just not that easy. The game has so many intricacies that it takes a lifetime to really understand the game. That is what makes the game truly great! You can play for a lifetime and still learn something new each time you tee it up. I have two stories that show how great golf truly is and what the real joy of playing golf is all about. I have news for you golfers out there and it’s that there really isn’t as much joy in the score as you may think. Sure it’s fun to shoot 65 but that exhilaration doesn’t last that long. The day ends fast and all you are left with is a good memory and a scorecard. So what will last a lifetime? Mr. Bill Houck was a member here at Stone Creek who passed away this year in his nineties. We dearly miss Mr. Bill as he was a pleasure to be around. Mr. Bill was a great example of how you can enjoy the game of golf for a lifetime. Mr. Bill would come out and practice and really work hard at his game even in his 90’s. He took lessons from me and he would always say, “Justin one of these days I’m going to figure this game out.” Well I believe Mr. Bill already had it figured out. He was able to work on his game and play up until his last days with us. That is what golf is all about being able to enjoy the game for a lifetime. I will give you one more example; Clay Luke and his son John Klay Luke are members here at Stone Creek. I have been fortunate enough to get to help JK with his golf game and help Clay out a little along the way. They both sort of started playing golf together and they both enjoy coming out and playing whenever they have spare time. JK takes a lot of lessons with me and he aspires to be a really good golfer one day. By the way JK has already competed in the Drive, Chip, and Putt events and has already tested his game out at a higher level. I am very proud of him for that but the game is much bigger than all of that. The beauty of this game is that JK and his dad will be able to play golf one day when they are much older, just like me my dad do, and just like Mr. Bill. We all need to take a step back and truly enjoy the game for what it is. It’s fellowship with the ones you love, a game you can play forever, a game that is hard to master, and a game that is very rewarding when you feel like you have mastered it. If you would like help learning how to play or would like to get your family involved in the game I would love to be able to help get you started.

Justin Sigmon, PGA

Head Professional

Stone Creek Golf Club